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Most people think of custom entry doors as a solution only for the grandest of homes, new homes or homes where the homeowner wants to make a statement with personalized design choices. In actuality, custom entry doors are a better fit to replace existing doors, especially in older homes, in situations where one is replacing a very old, original door that was built right on the jobsite, often in a size that isn’t available as a standard offering, or where the old entry door has simply worn out.

When replacing an existing entry door, ordering a custom-sized door can eliminate installation issues and unnecessary extra work.  This is where Window Works & Exteriors stands out from the rest.  We specialize in remodeling, so every door that we install has been custom ordered.

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"The Team at Window Works of Chattanooga are great. They won't leave you with any work left to do from bad contractors. Prices were excellent and lifetime warranty is awesome!"
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