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Exceptional Energy Savings

Our energy saving window options will keep your family and your wallet happy.

OKNA Windows & Doors has built an industry reputation by combining state of the art equipment, advanced technologies, and dedicated craftsmanship.

Our name has become synonymous with innovation, quality, and performance. Advanced automated equipment and computer-controlled production lines ensure a high standard of quality control as well as the ability to meet large volume requirements quickly.


Advanced Features

Energy efficient windows are manufactured so that heat is kept inside the home in winter and outside the home in summer. This reduces heatng and cooling costs, minimizes energy consumption impacting the environment, and limits the size of the HVAC equipment required for keeping the home comfortable. In climates that mainly require cooling, windows have represented a major source of unwanted heat gain. In recent years, windows have undergone a technological revolution. It is now possible to significantly reduce solar heat gain and improve comfort while providing clear views and daylight. In warm regions, this means that high-performance windows can face into the sun if desired without great energy penalties – although shading techniques remain important.

ClimaGuard is comprised of eleven optical tuned layers, providing optimal climate control, neutral aesthetics and plenty of natural light. These coatings consist of multiple layers of metals whose combined thickness is only 1/1000th the thickness of human hair!

Daylight and view are two fundamental attributes of a window. Unfortunately, windows are also the source of significant solar heat gain during times when it is unwanted. Traditional solutions to reducing solar heat gain, such as tinted glazing or shades, mean that the amount of light is reduced as well. ClimaGuard with low-solar-gain (spectrally selective) coatings can provide better solar heat gain reduction than tinted glass, with a minimal loss of visible light. This also means that views can be clearer and unobstructed.

Many organic materials, such as carpet, fabrics, paper, artwork, paints, and wood may fade upon exposure to sunlight. Window selection can influence the type and intensity of transmitted radiation. The most harmful radiation in sunlight is the ultravioulet (UV) rays, which are the most energetic and thus most likely to break chemical bonds, leading to fading and degradation. Glass blocks all UV radiation below 300 nm, but transmits UV rays from 300-380 nm. Coatings on glass can reduce the UV rays transmitted by up to 80%

Vinyl Windows

600 Series Windows

  • Stylish, Fully Welded 3 1/4 Mainframe with a beveled colonial exterior curves that are not only beautiful, but also allow for maximum weld surface resulting in outstanding strength and years of long lasting performance. 
  • The Sill Dam Wall is Mortised into the Jamb, adding strength and lowering the possibility of leaks that may occur at corner seals.
  • Insulated Extra-Strength Glass increases strength and sound reduction.
  • Eco-Pro Double Hung Features Beautifully Designed Metal Handle(s) on top sash and integrated lift rail on bottom sash.
  • Standard Slim Profile Sash Lock with tamper-proof cam ensures a much smoother turn and increases the life cycle over traditional locks.
  • Power Lift™ Balance System allows smooth window operation.
  • Push Button Spring-Loaded Vent Latches allow both window sashes to remain partially open for ventilation. Vent latches not available on laminates.
  • Additional High Density Composite Reinforcement inside the locking sash makes our windows structurally stronger than others available on the market.
  • Full Interlock with Triple Weather-Stripping provides low air infiltration for increased comfort.
  • One Piece Sloped Sill with Double Dam Leg helps eliminate clogged and frozen weep holes as well as makes windows structurally stronger; reducing air infiltration and chimney effect drafts.
  • HeatSeal® Warm Edge Spacer System for excellent thermal efficiency and drastic reduction in the possibility of condensation on the inside of the window.

    Available in Replacement and New Construction applications
  • Fully Welded 3 1/4 Depth Mainframe with a beveled colonial exterior featuring curves that are not only beautiful, but also allow for maximum weld surface resulting in exceptional strength and years of long lasting performance.
  • HeatSeal® Warm Edge Spacer System for excellent thermal efficiency and drastic reduction in the possibility of condensation on the inside of the window.
  • The Slider Features a Handle Style based on traditional
    wood windows.
  • Fiberglass Mesh Half Screens standard on all windows.
  • Standard Factory Bumpers are installed for a quieter operation.
  • OKNA Windows Offers 2-Lite and 3-Lite Sliding Windows.

    Available in Replacement and New Construction applications.

  • Standard Brass wheels allows the slider to smoothly glide across its track.
  • Optional EZ Glide System Improves Operation especially with oversized and triple pane units.
  • Push Button Spring-Loaded Vent Latches allow both window sashes to remain partially open for ventilation.
    Vent latches not available on laminates.

A Progressive Multi-Point Locking System allows for a weather-tight seal by drawing the sash firmly and securely to the master frame. The multi-point locking system also offers added security by providing additional points of reinforcement on the window.

Folding Style Crank Handles, standard on all casement windows, minimize interference with blinds and other window treatments. 

OKNA Casement Windows Open a Full 90 Degrees for maximum ventilation and easy cleaning from inside the home.

Our Awning Windows offer a sleek, contemporary look and are practical in areas with obstructions. They crank out smoothly for air circulation while protecting your home from the outside elements. The Awning Windows can be used individually and as part of multi-window configurations.

A beveled screen frame with the appearance of wood molding for added beauty is available on Casement and Awning Windows.

Superior Construction No other manufacturer has a greater commitment to quality than OKNA Windows. Our new, redesigned Bay and Bow Windows have incorporated the latest innovation in fenestration technology to provide a window that is energy efficient, functional, and beautiful.
  • Two inch Insulated Head and Seat Board with Furniture Grade Veneer and Standard 1 ¼ inch jamb.
  • Water Penetration Barrier Below Each Window and Mullion.
  • Silicone Free Interior and Exterior.
  • Standard Foam Insulated Mullions with Threaded Rod.
Myriad of Configurations Bay and Bow Windows are one of the most popular ways to give your room more light and space without adding square footage. These windows lend charm and beauty to any room. they are ideal for creating eating nooks, bath surrounds, and mini greenhouses. When it comes to Bay and Bow Windows, OKNA Windows really does have it all and it’s because our Bays and Bows are made to order. For the side units of your Bay and Bow Windows, you can choose from 4 different degree angles to achieve the look you desire. Once you’ve chosen the angle, we can build Bay or Bow Windows in an endless variety of sizes.
  • Fully welded, rigid PVC vinyl frame for greater strength and stability.
  • Aluminum and steel reinforcements in the front mullion.
  • The multi-point locking system provides a tighter seal and
    added security.
  • Twin sealing, fully screened, operating casements with external glazing for improved weather protection.
  • Glass shelf with steel support system is available for units over 42 inches.
  • The window is shipped completely assembled for easy installation.


Download the Okna ECO-PRO 600 Series Window Brochure:
Starmark Evo Windows Installed and Serviced by Window Works of Chattanooga

Composite Windows

7500 Series Windows


Download the Starmark Evo 7500 Series Window Brochure:

Vinyl Windows

600 Series Windows

With the Enviro-Star windows, we are pleased to provide a breakthrough product which offers a myriad of glass and structural options to seamlessly blend with any decor while providing exceptional energy efficiency.

The real secret of this window’s performance is its exceptionally low air infiltration ratings which can lower the energy consumption of a typical home by 25 – 40%. This unique feature, combined with our HeatSeal Glass Package or HeatSeal Super Glass Package, offers superior thermal performance and exceeds the most rigorous Energy Star requirements.

Enviro-Star windows provide a refined, traditional wood window finish without the maintenance, making this window a sophisticated choice.

  • Fully 3 1/4” depth welded mainframe with an elegant, beveled profile.
  • Full integral interlock with double weather-stripping. Triple weatherstripping on every sash stile to make the window more air tight.
  • A variety of hardware options fits harmoniously into any decor.
  • Vent latches allow for ventilation. Both sashes can remain partially open. Vent latches are not available on
    laminated windows
  • Additional high density composite reinforcement inside the locking sash makes our windows structurally stronger
    than others available on the market.
  • Magnetic Seals (shown in black), similar to those used in refrigerators, drastically reduces drafts and greatly improves the thermal performance of our windows.

The Sliding Window is a popular style for today’s homes. The Enviro-Star Sliding Window combines a sleek design for more glass viewing area and exceptional performance.

  • Fusion welded sash and frame corners for excellent performance. Sill on sliding window contains 4 weep holes for enhanced water drainage.
  • The sliding window features a handle style based on traditional wood windows.
  • Double weather-strip system around sliding sash for enhanced performance and reduced air infiltration.
  • Double weather-stripped interlock designed for excellent insulating performance.
  • Standard Smooth Glide System uses brass wheels to allow the sliding window to smoothly glide across its track. The EZ Glide System is available for optional upgrade.
  • Multi-chamber design that buffers interior and exterior temperatures.
  • Standard factory-installed bumpers ensure quiet operation.
  • Dual heavy duty cam lock & keeper on windows over 24 inches high for added security.

Okna Windows offers fi ve beautiful internal laminates in addition to the standard Euro-White to give your home a distinct look and enhance its curb appeal. You can also special order custom exterior colors from a virtually unlimited selection of paints. Our paints are environmentally safe and durable, giving your exterior a vibrant and long-lasting color finish.

Looking for a stunning design to instantly set your home apart both inside and out? A choice of decorative grids can highlight the architectural style that speaks to you.

GBG (grids between glass) consist of aluminum bars sealed in the insulating airspace between the two panes of glass. Because the interior and exterior glass surfaces are not affected, cleaning your windows is a much easier task. GBG grids on two tone windows are available with matching interior and exterior colors.

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)

Permanent interior and exterior grids will provide a truly authentic look. Interior grids are available in a Euro-White color or Wood Laminate. External grids are available in Euro-White or colors to match products exterior.

SDL not available with triple pane glass packages.

ThruVision Plus® is our fiberglass improved visibility screen. This product does for windows and doors what high-definition technology has done for television viewing; it improves the view by making it sharper and more vivid.

* Insect screen cannot support significant amounts of weight. Please keep small children and pets away from windows


Download the Okna Enviro-Star Series Window Brochure:

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