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Our energy saving window options will keep your family and your wallet happy.

OKNA Windows & Doors has built an industry reputation by combining state of the art equipment, advanced technologies, and dedicated craftsmanship.

Our name has become synonymous with innovation, quality, and performance. Advanced automated equipment and computer-controlled production lines ensure a high standard of quality control as well as the ability to meet large volume requirements quickly.


Advanced Features

Energy efficient windows are manufactured so that heat is kept inside the home in winter and outside the home in summer. This reduces heatng and cooling costs, minimizes energy consumption impacting the environment, and limits the size of the HVAC equipment required for keeping the home comfortable. In climates that mainly require cooling, windows have represented a major source of unwanted heat gain. In recent years, windows have undergone a technological revolution. It is now possible to significantly reduce solar heat gain and improve comfort while providing clear views and daylight. In warm regions, this means that high-performance windows can face into the sun if desired without great energy penalties – although shading techniques remain important.

ClimaGuard is comprised of eleven optical tuned layers, providing optimal climate control, neutral aesthetics and plenty of natural light. These coatings consist of multiple layers of metals whose combined thickness is only 1/1000th the thickness of human hair!

Daylight and view are two fundamental attributes of a window. Unfortunately, windows are also the source of significant solar heat gain during times when it is unwanted. Traditional solutions to reducing solar heat gain, such as tinted glazing or shades, mean that the amount of light is reduced as well. ClimaGuard with low-solar-gain (spectrally selective) coatings can provide better solar heat gain reduction than tinted glass, with a minimal loss of visible light. This also means that views can be clearer and unobstructed.

Many organic materials, such as carpet, fabrics, paper, artwork, paints, and wood may fade upon exposure to sunlight. Window selection can influence the type and intensity of transmitted radiation. The most harmful radiation in sunlight is the ultravioulet (UV) rays, which are the most energetic and thus most likely to break chemical bonds, leading to fading and degradation. Glass blocks all UV radiation below 300 nm, but transmits UV rays from 300-380 nm. Coatings on glass can reduce the UV rays transmitted by up to 80%

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